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A man can have nothing, but he can t have no dream. It is because of dreams that we are still perseverant after experiencing ups and downs; it is because of dreams that we are persistent after experiencing vicissitudes of life and setbacks.

在这个知识改变命运的时代,作为壹名普通高中生,我的梦想很简单,就是考上心中理想的大学,学好本报效祖。我相信这不仅仅是我个人的梦想,也是在座每壹位同学的梦想,更是中千千万万高中生的梦想。这千千万万个年青人的梦想编织成壹个 中梦 壹个让百姓富裕安康自由幸福地生活,壹个让经受百年屈辱的中华民族富强文明实现伟大复兴的梦!让中华民族再次雄立在世界民族之林的伟大梦想!

In this era of knowledge changing fate, as an ordinary high school student, my dream is very simple, is to enter the ideal university in my heart, learn skills to serve the motherland. I believe that this is not only my personal dream, but also the dream of every student here. It is also the dream of tens of millions of high school students in China. The dreams of tens of millions of young people weave into a Chinese Dream - a dream of making the people rich, healthy, free and happy, and a dream of realizing the great rejuvenation of the prosperous and powerful civilization of the Chinese nation after centuries of humiliation! Let the Chinese nation stand once again in the world s National Forest of great dreams!

然而, 理想很丰满,现实很骨感。 如果我们只有梦想而没有行动,我们都只顾做自己的人生梦,那么,我们的中梦就算有多美多诱人都无法实现。

However, the ideal is very full, the reality is very skeletal. If we have only dreams but no actions, and we all focus on our own life dreams, then our Chinese dream can not be realized even if it is so beautiful and attractive.


So, how should we teenagers realize their dreams and work hard to realize the Chinese dream together?

shou先,我们要树立远大的理想,并为之而不懈奋斗。列夫 托尔斯泰曾说过: 理想是指路明灯,没有理想就没有坚定的方向。 壹个有远大理想和抱负的人,就会奋发向上,勇往直前,坚持不懈地朝着梦想的方向前进。人有了理想,人生的梦想就成功了壹半。同理,每壹个炎黄子孙都为中华民族伟大复兴的梦而奋斗,那么,我们的中梦就已经成功壹半了。伟大的周恩来总理在年少时说的那句 为中华之崛起而读书 的远大理想,激励着他为受苦受难的中华民族 鞠躬尽瘁,死而后已 ,也为后人遗留了壹笔宝gui的精神财富,教育着壹代又壹代的学子。

First of all, we should set up lofty ideals and strive unremittingly for them. Leo Tolstoy once said, Ideal is the beacon, without ideal there is no firm direction. A person with lofty ideals and aspirations will strive upward, go forward bravely and unremittingly towards the direction of dreams. When people have ideals, their dreams will be half successful. Similarly, every descendant of the Yellow Emperor struggles for the dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, so our Chinese dream has already been half successful. The great Premier Zhou Enlai s lofty ideal of reading for the rise of China in his youth inspired him to devote himself to the suffering Chinese nation and die later , and also left behind a valuable spiritual wealth for future generations, educating students from generation to generation.

其次,我们要有危机感,时刻保持警惕。壹个人没有危机感,就没有动力,没有了前进的动力就不会成功。当前,壹些家无法正视中的快速崛起,甚至采取打压围堵等下三滥的手段,拉拢中周边家与中对抗,加之我们中正处发展的关键时期,如果我们没有危机感,没有必要的警惕,我们就会重蹈覆辙,屈辱的历史还会重演。明末清初伟大的思想家顾炎武说: 天下兴亡,匹夫有责 。我们每壹个人都有深切的危机感和高度的警惕xing,尽心尽力地投入到自身的学习和工作中去,共同构筑我们伟大的中梦!

Secondly, we should have a sense of crisis and be vigilant at all times. Without a sense of crisis, one has no motivation, and without the motivation to move forward, one will not succeed. At present, some countries are unable to face up to China s rapid rise, and even resort to measures such as suppression and blockade to attract the neighboring countries to confront China. In addition, China is in a critical period of development. If we do not have a sense of crisis and necessary vigilance, we will repeat the same mistakes. The history of humiliation will continue. Repeat. Gu Yanwu, a great thinker in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, said, The rise and fall of the world is the responsibility of Pifu . Everyone of us has a deep sense of crisis and a high degree of vigilance. We devote ourselves wholeheartedly to our own study and work, and jointly build our great Chinese dream!


Third, we should cherish time and study hard. Students, make full use of every minute and every second, time waits for me! Maybe some students will think that we are still young and have a lot of time to spend. However, time flies like an arrow, youth is limited, time can not be reversed, we should create infinite value in this limited youth. If we insist on making a little progress every day, then over the years, we will take a big step forward and be closer to our dreams. Only by realizing our personal lofty dream can we realize the Chinese dream of national prosperity, national rejuvenation and people s happiness.


The baton of history has been handed down to our younger generation. While we remember the suffering and glory of yesterday, we shoulder the mission to set out along the established dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and work hard for the Chinese dream to realize the Chinese dream, which is just around the corner.