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作文一:《英语教师自我介绍 》13500字  

  good morning everyone:   i graduated from zaozhuang university and i majored in biology. so i am not a   professional english teacher, but i am very interested in english. and the knowledge   and skills i learned in school are useful in teaching, although i have no experience   in teaching and managing a class. of course, i am so young that i might make some   mistakes in the future, and i hope you can give me advice as possible as you can. being a teacher here is excited. having thought for a long time, i think i am   fit for this career, because of my educational experience and my character, most of   all, i like children and i like this job. i believe that interest is the best teacher,   and i will try my best to raise the interest of the children in learning. in my work, i will try my best. i always believe working hard can bring us more   opportunities. to be the best one is a little bit hard, but “trying all my best.”   always can cheer me up. to succeed or fail is not the only thing. as long as we did,   we will not regret. someday when we turn back for what the footprint we have left,   time will record the victory in our heart. so, “trying all my best” is the motto   of mine.   i believe that we will get along well and i sincerely hope we can be good friends. ok! so much! thank you!   Zhong文翻译   各位早上好:   Wo叫xx,这个班的新英语老师。非常高兴Jian到各位!很荣幸有这个机会与大家交流。   Wo希望我们能愉快交流并且度过开心的一天。Xian在请允许我做简单的自我介绍。   我毕Ye于x x 学校x x专业。在学校学到的Zhi识和技能对于我的教学是必不可少的。因   Ci在教学和班级管理方面有一些经验。当然,我还Hen年轻,在今后的工作中很有可能犯一些   Cuo误,希望大家能尽可能地给我一些建议。   Zai这里做一名老师很令人激动。想了很久,认为我Huan是适合这个职业的,因为我的教育   Bei景还有我的性格,最重要的是我喜欢孩Zi,喜欢这份工作。我认为兴趣是最好的老Shi,而   且在今后的教学中我也会Jin最大努力提高孩子们对学习的兴趣。   在我De工作中,我会尽我最大的努力。我一直相信,努Li工作就会有更多地机遇。或许   成为最好的You点困难,但是“尽我所能”总是能使我Zhen作。成功或失败并不是唯一的事情。   Zhi要我们做过了,我们就不会后悔。因此,“尽我所Neng”是我的座右铭。   我相信,我们也一定Hui相处得很好,我也真诚地希望我们能够成为好Peng友。   我的介绍到此为止!谢谢!篇Er:英语老师上课前自我介绍   英语老Shi上课前自我介绍。   各位早上好,我叫***,Shi这个班的新英语老师。非常高兴见到各位。很荣幸You这个机会   与大家交流。我希望我们能愉快Jiao流并且度过开心的一https://zuciwang.com/zhuanti/骂人的话用韩语怎么说.html天。现在请允许我做简单De自我介绍。   being a teacher here must be tired but excited.having thought for a long time,i think   i am fit for this career, because of my educational experience and my character.most   of all, i like children and i like this job. i believe that interest is the best teacher,   and i will try my best to raise the interest of you in learning english. hello everyone. nice to meet you. i’m very happy to stand here to teach you.   you know, this is the first time we meet each other, so let me introduce myself to   you. my family name is cheng, and my english name is mark. so you can call me mr.   cheng or mark. this year is my animal year. i graduated from hubei university of   technology. business english is my major. in my spare time i like listening to music   and play ping-pong.   in my class, i hope all of you study hard and cooperate with my teaching. i think   you will have a happy time in my class. otherwise you will encounter (meet) a lot   of trouble.   in my opinion, it’s easy to study english well, but you must do it well in the   following aspects. for example, listen carefully and make notes in my class. finish   your homework on time. you should read, listen, speak and write english everyday.   as we all know practice make perfectPian四:面试时英语教师自我介绍   我Men所见过的英文面试自我介绍中,只要跟面试You关,都要突出自己的工作经验或管理   Neng力等。以下的英语教师自我介绍突出以下十Er个特点,请参考:   1.介绍你Zi己的教育背景;   2.介绍你自Ji的家庭环境背景;   3.谈论自己Dui教师职业的看法;   4.谈谈自己作Wei老师对教学策略的运用;   5.谈论自Ji对教师与学生之间的沟通技巧;   6.谈论Zi己在教学环节当中有什么优势和劣势;   7.Tan论你应聘本校的动机和理想;   8.谈谈Ni对教育你自己专业与从事教学学科的联Xi;   9.谈谈你自己的个性特征,是否外向,Nei向,是否有幽默感?   10.谈谈你自己的Qing绪特征,是否精力充沛,有朝气,能够Xi引学生?   11.谈谈你的人生观;   12.Tan谈你对人际关系的处理与看法。   general introduction   i am a third year master major in automation at shanghai jiao tong university   p. r. china. with tremendous interest in industrial engineering i am writing to apply   for acceptance into your ph.d. graduate program. education background   in 1995 i entered the nanjing university of science &technology (nust) --   widely considered one of the china’s best engineering schools. during the following   undergraduate study my academic records kept distinguished among the whole department.   i was granted first class prize every semester and my overall gpa(89.5/100) ranked no.1 among 113 students. in 1999 i got the privilege to enter   the graduate program waived of the admission test. i selected the shanghai jiao tong at the period of my graduate study my overall gpa(3.77/4.0) ranked top 5% in the   department. in the second semester i became teacher assistant that is given to   talented and matured students only. this year i won the acer scholarship as the one   and only candidate in my department which is the ultimate accolade for distinguished   students endowed by my university. presently i am preparing my graduation thesis and   trying for the honor of excellent graduation thesis. research experience and academic activity besides in july 2000 i got the opportunity to give a lecture in english in asia   control conference (ascc) which is one of the top-level conferences among the world   in the area of control and automation. in my senior year i met prof. xiao-song lin   a visiting professor of mathematics from university of california-riverside i learned   graph theory from him for my network research. these experiences all rapidly expanded   my knowledge of english and the understanding of western culture. i hope to study   in depth   in retrospect i find myself standing on a solid basis in both theory and experience   which has prepared me for the ph.d. program. my future research interests include:   network scheduling problem heuristic algorithm research (especially in ga and neural   network) supply chain network research hybrid system performance analysis with petri   nets and data mining.   please give my application materials a serious consideration. thank you very   much.   1、 good morning my name is xx it is really a great honor to have this opportunity   for a interview i would like to answer whatever you may raise and i hope i can make   a good performance today eventually enroll in this primary school.   2、 now i will introduce myself brieflyi am xx years oldborn in xx province and   i am curruently a xxxx.my major is xxx..in the past 4 yearsi spend most of my time   on studyi have passed cet4/6 with a ease. and i have acquired basic knowledge of   packaging and publishing both in theory and in practice. besides i have attend 3.i will have patience on all of the children and my hard work will be improved   if you enroll me.   .San维重现教学法   艾宾浩斯遗忘曲线表Ming人们在学习中的遗忘是有规律的,遗忘的进程不是Jun衡的:在记   忆的最初阶段遗忘的Su度很快,后来就逐渐减慢了,到了相当Chang的时候后,几乎就不再遗忘   了。Zhen对“遗忘规律”,把重要的知识点在课与课、单Yuan与单元、书与书之间重复且不单调的   Duo次出现,使学生能学多少,就能记多少;能Ji多少,就能用多少。   2. 直接母语式教Xue法   全英文教学:给学生一个全英Wen的环境,让其习惯于英文的听说及直接用英文Jin行思考,   改掉在头脑里进行二次Fan译的过程,能很快的掌握英语的发音习Guan及语感,像母语一样的直   接反应,形成英Yu思维。   3. 自然教学法   在Xue习英语中,练习的方式比学习的效果好得多。因此,Ying语课堂环境创设得接近学生   的实Ji生活。教师利用学生过去学过的知识,设计和Yan练与学生文化相近、便于他们理解的   Jiao学活动。   4.童话剧教学法   Jiao学内容直接决定了学生的学习欲望和制约着语Yan教师对教学方法的选用。学生用书主   Ti部分为经典的英美英语童话故事。在英语课堂上,Dang孩子们遨游在童话故事中,他们的英   Yu学习积极性被充分地调动起来,当他们和一个Zuo栩如生的童话人物交上好朋友的时候,他   Men的英语也会取得长足进步。   5.情景Jiao学法   在英语课堂上,老师们为学生模Ni各种各样生活中的真实场景,以生动活泼的Fang式来呈   现学生们感兴   Qu的单元主体,组织学生们在情景中不断Fan复地操练新知,达到学以致用的学习效Guo。   6.音乐、律动教学法   sing and chant Ying语教学蕴含在“说、唱”部分。以韵律Shi的“说,唱”形式,配合科   学编排的韵Lv动作,全方位地调动视觉、听觉、言语能Li和肢体动作,让孩子真正“懂得”   英语,Zhen正“脱口而出”纯正的英语,真正“学”Hui英语。   7. 联想教学法   (Zhuan载于:英语教师自我介绍)   read andwriteShi重点句型扩充练习,但是它根据每个知识点Zhi间的内在联系,充分调   动学生的联想能Li,通过引伸、扩展、推理、想象等法,引Dao学生用正确高效的方式来完成   大脑中知识Wang络的建立。   8. 语言经验教学Fa   如果我们把英语学习的基础建筑Zai学生自己的经历和兴趣之上,学习效果Jiu会更好。调   动学生回忆自己的生活经历和Xing趣爱好,然后编成故事说出来、写下来。语Yan经验教学法可   以帮助学生在一个Hen自然的过程中由口头语言进步到书面语言。   .San维重现教学法   艾宾浩斯遗忘曲线表Ming人们在学习中的遗忘是有规律的,遗忘的进程不是Jun衡的:在记   忆https://zuciwang.com/zhuanti/骂人猪的诗.html的最初阶段遗忘的Su度很快,后来就逐渐减慢了,到了相当长的时候后,Ji乎就不再遗忘   了。针对“遗忘Gui律”,把重要的知识点在课与课、单元与单元、书Yu书之间重复且不单调的   多次出现,Shi学生能学多少,就能记多少;能记多少,Jiu能用多少。   2. 直接母语式教学Fa篇五:英语初中教师面试自我介绍中英文   self introduction   good afternoon everyone! i am very glad to have this precious opportunity to join   your interview. im applying for junior high school english teacher. my name is ???.   i graduated from anyang institute of technology and major in business english major.   after graduation, i received a bachelor of arts degree. smoothly i have passed the   tem4, cet6 and cet4. on the mandarin level test, i got the secondary-level. i can   also use office software skillfully. i am a outgoing girl and i can get along with   others. i like children and i work careful with patience. during the university i worked as a english tutor for junior high school students,   and i have a certain understanding of junior high school students english level. i   know very well that the middle school was the formal foundation, so i make a teaching   plan according to the characteristics of junior high school students with weak base   specially. if i can have the honor to the interview, i will explain my lesson plans   on the trial lecture.   the teacher is a sacred occupation. in my school years, i have witnessed the   dedication of teachers be conscientious and do ones best teaching spirit,   significance and deeply appreciate as a human soul engineer. and the more determined   my dream to be a teacher.   my family has three teachers, i want to be the fourth. my classmates used to say   that i look like a teacher, i would now like to turn our dreams into reality. please   consider my request and i would be greatly appreciated. thank you.   Zi我介绍   各位考官下午好!很高兴能有这次Bao贵的机会参加贵校的面试,应聘中学英语教师一职。   Wo叫???,毕业于安阳工学院,主修商务英语Zhuan业。毕业后获得文学学士学位,在校期间   Tong过了专四,普六普四考试,普通话获二级甲Deng,并且能熟练运用办公软件。我性格开朗,   Ping易近人,做事细心有耐心,并且我喜欢和Hai子们相处。   大学期间我曾做过Chu中生英语家教,对初中生的英语水平有了一定的Liao解。我深知初中   正式打基础的时Hou,所以我针对初中生基础薄https://zuciwang.com/zhuanti/骂人语录越都长.html弱的特点专门制定Liao一个课程计划,如果能有幸通过面试的话,Wo将在试讲时向大家讲解我的课程计划。   Jiao师是一个神圣的职业。在我求学的十几年Zhong,我见证了身边老师们兢兢业业无私奉Xian的教学精神,并深深体会到作为一名“人类Ling魂的工程师”的重要意义,这更加坚定了Wo想成为一名教师的愿望。   我是本市考出Qu的学生,对这片生我养我的土地有很深De感情。现在毕业了我想为家乡的教育事业出分力做Chu一份贡献。贵校是我的母校,我很高兴能You幸与众多教过我课的老师们做同事。我是Yi个学习能力强,有上进心的人。我将虚心的向前Bei们请教学习,做一个尽职尽责的好教师。   Wo的家族中出了三个老师,我想成为第四个。上学时Tong学们曾经说我看起来像老师,现在我想把Meng想变成现实。请众位考官慎重考虑我的请求,Ru能通过我将不胜感激。

作文二:《我的小学英语教师自我介绍 》1600字