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作文一:《英语投诉信范文 》6700字  

  英语投诉信范文   Directions: You found something wrong with the telephone bill you have received from the local post office. You made a call to inquire about this; however the person who answered the call was very rude. Write a letter of complaint to the manager of the post office, explaining the situation and giving your suggestions for improvement. Your letter should be no less than 100 words. You do not need to write the address. Don’t sign your own name at the end of the letter, use Donna instead.   Ying文投诉信模板   Dear ______,   ①I am ______(Zi我介绍). ②I feel bad to trouble you but I am afraid that I have to make a complaint about.   ③The reason for my dissatisfaction is ______(Zong体介绍). ④In the first place,   ______(Bao怨的第一个方面). ⑤In addition, ______(Bao怨的第二个方面). ⑥Under these circumstances, I find it ______(Gan觉)to______(抱怨的方面给你带来的后Guo).   ⑦I appreciate it very much if you could ______(Ti出建议和请求), preferably   ______(Jin一步的要求), and I would like to have this matter settled by ______(She定解决事情最后期限). ⑧Thank you for your consideration and I will be looking forward to your reply.   Yours sincerely,   Li Ming   Fan文   Dear Sir   I am writing to let you know the deplorable attitude of one of your staff member. I received my telephone bill for the previous month from you and thought there were some errors in calculation: I had been overcharged for two overseas calls.   However, when I called your Complaints Department, the girl who answered my phone was very rude. For one thing she interrupted me continually, for another she even said that the fault was my own. Needless to say, such a way of dealing with customers is unacceptable.   I would like to suggest that the girl in question should be disciplined, and instructed on the proper way to deal with clients. And I hope she can make formal apology to me.   An early response will be appreciated.   Sincerely yours,   DELL   Yi文   先生:   我写这封信Shi为了让你知道你们一个员工的服务态度。我Shou到你们上个月的话费单后发现有些计算错误,我觉De我被多收了两个国际长途费用。   但当我Da电话询问客服部门时,接电话的女孩态度非常粗鲁。Yi方面她总是https://www.wenku1.net/list/议论文事例概括/打断我的话,另一方面她甚至说错Wu在我。这样对待客户的态度实在让人难以接Shou。   我建议对这个女孩进行惩罚,Ling外告诉该如何对待客户。我希望她能向我正式道Qian。   请早日回复。   真挚的:DELL   Fan文之二   [Directions]:Suppose that you ordered a refrigerator but later found a worrying problem. Write a letter of complaint to describe the matter and require settlement,Do not sign your own name at the end of your letter,using   Dear Sir,   I am happy that the refrigerator we ordered last week has arrived on time. But it is a great pity that we find there is something wrong with the refrigeration facilities.   After we used it for several days. we found that food stored in the refrigerating compartment turned bad quickly. When we finally decided to take the temperature in it,we were surprised to find it was around 15℃,far from the standard temperature range from 0℃to 9℃。   This problem has affected our normal life. Would you please let me know whether or not you can send a repairman as soon as possible?I hope that my problem will get your kind consideration.   Yours faithfully,   Li Ming   [Wen章点评]   这封投诉信可以说写得Fei常好,结构很清晰,第一段首先肯定对方按时送Huo上门的做法,随后简述冰箱出了问题。第二段说Ming具体问题,第三段提出要求。   范文之二   Dear Sir:   With reference to our order No. W98,the 120 computer sets supplies to the above order were delivered the day before yesterday,but we regret that 20 sets were badly damaged.   The packages containing the computer sets appeared to be in good condition and we accepted and signed for them without question. We unpacked the computer sets with care and can only assume that damage must be due to careless handling at some stage prior to packing.   We shall be glad if you will replace all 20 sets as soon as possible. Meanwhile,we have put the damaged computer sets aside in case you need them to support a claim on your suppliers for   compensation.   Yours sincerely,   Li Ming   Fan文之三   Dear Mr. Chang:   On September 10,our order for 280 women's cotton sweaters was duly received,but we regret to say that 40 cotton sweaters in white color were seriously soiled.   We had the case investigated immediately,and the result shows the damage was due to improper packing,for which the suppliers are definitely responsible.   Needless to say,we have suffered a great loss from this,as we cannot sell the sweaters in this condition to our customers. We ask you to conduct investigation at your end and reply to us.   Sincerely yours,   Li Ming   Zi询信研究生英语范文   Directions: You are going to study at a foreign university. Write a letter inquiring about the specific information as regards accommodation, fees and   qualifications there. Your letter should be no less than 100 words. You don‘t need to write the address. Don’t sign your own name at the end of the letter, use Li Hua instead.   Xian生/女士:   我是一个中国学生,我Xiang到贵校继续深造。我打算下学期开始上Ke,如您能告知我一些基本的信息将感激不尽。   Shou先,学费是多少?尽管我想自费,但如果有为国际Liu学生提供的奖学金我也非常感兴趣。第二,我Xiang知道到贵校上学需要什么资格,我现在拿到Liao中国一所大学的硕士学位,这样可以吗?第三,至Yu住宿条件,如果可能我想要单人房间,但如果单人Fang间太贵,我也可以合住。   我期待Zhuo您的回复,更希望早日成为贵校的一员。   Nin诚挚的:DELL   Sir or Madam,   I am a Chinese student who wishes to pursue further study at your university. I plan to start my course next semester, and it would be highly appreciated if you would provide me with some essential information.   First, how much are the tuition fees? Though I intend to be self-supporting, I would be interested to know if there are any scholarships available for international students. Second, I wonder what qualifications I need to follow a course at your university, now I have got a master‘s degree in a Chinese university, is it enough? Third, as regards to accommodations, if possible, I would like to have a single room, but if single rooms are expensive, I would be willing to share.   I am looking forward to your reply, and to attending your esteemed institution.   Yours sincerely,   DELL   

作文二:《英语投诉信范文 》5700字