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作文一:《大学英语祝贺信范文 》2700字  

  大学英语祝贺信范文   Dear Mr. Haskel   Congratulations on your recent promotion to head the Marketing Department of California Metals.   My fellow managers and I are delighted that your work in the marketing field has been recognized this way and we join in sending you our very best wishes for the future.   Through the five years of working together with you, many of us well aware of how much you've contributed to the association between our two corporations. We are all looking forward to   your trip to China next month when we will celebrate your advancement in a more formal way.   Again, congratulations to you, Mr. Haskel - good luck and good wishes on your new position as Director of Marketing Department.   Cordially yours   (Signature)   Lin Daming   Marketing Director   Beijing New Metals   Zhu贺考上大学贺信范文   Dear Li Lei,   I am writing tooffer my sincere congratulations on your graduation from senior school and enrollmentby the Peking University. I know you worked very hard on the past years, sothat I am truly happy to see all your efforts get rewards. I am sure yourparents are greatly proud of you. I just want you to know how pleased I am towitness your success. Admitted by Peking University is a new start for you, whichbring you a good chance to learn from topping professors. Besides, it’s goodfor you to study with so many excellent students who of course will give youmotivations to study hard. I wish you greater success in university and live ahappy and fruitful life in the next four years.   Sincerely yours,   Han Meimei   Qin爱的李雷:   我写信是想衷心祝贺你高Zhong毕业并考取北京大学。我知道在过去的几年中你学Xi很努力,所以我真的很高兴看到你的努力De到回报。我相信你父母一定为你感到非常自豪。Wo只是想让你知道看到你成功我是多忙高兴。考取北Jing大学对你来说是个新的开始,它给你一个向顶Ji教授学习的好机会。此外,和这么多优Xiu的学生一起学习对你有好处,他们会给你努力Xue习的动力。我祝你在大学里取得更大的成Gong,在接下来的四年里过上快乐充实的生Huo。   你的朋友   韩梅梅   祝He朋友大学毕业贺信范文   Dear Mr. Li:   I learned from Wang Ying that you were graduated with high honors from Huabei University yesterday. I can well imagine how proud of you your parents are now, who have been anxiously hoping to witness your brilliant success. As I understand, you will continue studies in the United States soon. I wish you greater success in your studies and research work.   With best wishes.   Yours sincerely,   Tom   Qin爱的李先生:   从王英处得悉你以You异的成绩毕业于华北清华大学,我可以想像,你的Fu母现在是怎样地引以为荣。他们一直殷切地希望你Huo得辉煌的成就。我听说你不久要到美国去继续深Zao。预祝你在学习和研究工作上取得更大De成就。

作文二:《英语祝贺信范文 》4200字  

  英语祝贺信范文,为朋友升迁表示祝贺   Fa布时间: 2010-3-12 9:51:27 Lai源:网络收集点击:536   范文:Wei朋友升迁表示祝贺(附祝贺信句型)   Dear Ruth,   I offer my warmest congratulations on your promotion to Vice President of th company. I know how talented you are and how hard you’ve worked to attai n goal. No one could have been more deserving. How exciting it must be for yo realize your ambitions after all those years of hard working. It’s been a real encouragement to me to see your efforts rewarded.   Sincere congratulations to you. Your expertise and dedication will bring out t best of everyone on your staff. They’re learning from a real professional.   I wish you still further success.   Sincerely yours,   Ma Lin   Yi文   亲爱的鲁思:   听说Ni当选了公司副总裁我表示热烈的祝贺。我知Dao你很有天赋,而且为实现这个目标你付出了很大的Nu力。没人比你更应该得到这个职位。这么年的Nu力终于得到了回报你该多么高兴啊。你的成功Dui我来说是个莫大的励。   真诚的祝贺你。你De专业和奉献将使公司所有员工都能发挥自己Zui佳水平他们是在学习一个真正的专业人士。   Yu祝你取得更大的成功。   你的朋You:马林   祝贺信写作攻略   Ying语中,祝贺信使用的频率很高。凡是遇Dao重大的喜庆节日,如圣诞节、年、婚礼He生日等等,亲友间要写祝贺信。当亲友晋升、Bi业、考试成功出国留学时也要写祝贺信。Zhu贺信相对而言是比较容易写的,但用词必须切有礼、Biao达出真诚的https://zuciwang.com/嫔德/zaoju.shtml喜悦感情。具体写作步骤:首段:Biao达听到喜讯的情。主体段落:对喜讯进行积极评Jia。结尾段:表达衷心的祝贺之情。   Bi背模版句型   Congratulations, all of us feel proud of your remarkable achievements!Zhu贺你   我们都为您所取得的巨大成就感到Jiao傲。   I am so pleased and happy to hear that...Ting到……我真的非常高兴。   I write to congratulate you upon...Wo写信来祝贺你……。   I offer you my warmest congratulations on your...Dui于你的……我表示热烈的   贺。   We are just as proud as can be of you and send our congratulations.Wo们为你感由衷的自豪!祝贺你!   I wish you still further success!Yu祝你取得更大的成功。   We look forward to bragging about you in the years ahead.Wo们希望在未来的月中能骄傲地谈起你。   Please accept our most sincere congratulations and very best wishes for all the good future in the world.Jin向你表示祝贺和最良好的祝福。   Zhu贺信范文   一封祝贺信   当朋You有了喜事,如结婚、高升、获奖的时候,你可以向Ta写出一封祝贺信,表   达你的祝福Yu恭贺。   Mechanical Engineering Departrnent   Dalian University of Technology   Dalian 116023   Liaoning, Zhong国   November 28,1999   Mr. Wang Ximing   Mechanical Engineering Department   Massachusetts Institute of Technology   Cambridge, Mass. 02139   U.S.A.   Dear Mr. Wang,   Thank you for your letter of November 3,1999. I am sorry not to have written back earlier but time seems to pass so quickly.   I learnt from your letter that you had received your masters degree. I would like to congratulate you on your splendid success.   In this letter I am bringing you a piece of good news: your wife gave a birth of a boy last week and she is in good health now. The baby weighed eight jin at birth. Yesterday my wife and some other neighbors went to the hospital to see your wife and to congratulate her on the birth. She told them that she had been nursed with the best care since she was in hospital.   Now Im taking the Visiting School Test in Beijing. If I pass the examination, Ill leave for America soon. If not, Ill wait for another chance. Ive never been to the U.S.A, and I know little about the institutions and customs there. I hope that you will write to me and tell me more about them.   With best regards to you and your classmates.   Yours sincerely,   Zhang Jiao   Dear Mary,   Since you have already decided not spend the Christmas at   home, we feel regret to not be able to wish you a happy   holiday to you personally.   Therefore, by this letter we wish your whole family a peaceful   and merry Christmas and also wish you all a happy new year   and healthy one too.   Best regards,   San

作文三:《英文祝贺信范文 》1400字